Friday, April 4, 2008

Gothenberg is dead

I think the new In Flames CD finally made me come to the realization that the Gothenberg music scene is dead to me.

Aside from Dark Tranquillity the other two front runners were Soilwork and In Flames. With Soilwork's primary song writer, Peter Wichers, leaving the band after 'Stabbing The Drama', we're now stuck with 'Sworn To A Great Divide'. Now don't get me wrong, the new Soilwork is a mediocre album during that first spin but once you hit play again, all the shine wears off. I'll just stick with Disarmonia Mundi for all of my Speed Strid withdrawals.

Now, the new In Flames. I've been in a love/hate relationship with these guys since 'Soundtrack To your Escape'. If it wasn't for 'The Jester Race' and 'Clayman' I probably wouldn't even be doing what I do now, so I'm always quite interested when I hear In Flames need to buy Anders another Ferrari and jump back into the studio. But after 4 years of "maybe this one will be good" I just don't care anymore. Their new album 'A Sense Of Purpose' is just another pile shit, just a couple days fresher. I don't think these dudes are even trying. Hell, even Jesper Stromblad has seemed to put more interest in his side project, 'Dimension Zero'.

I read an interview on Blabbermouth a couple days ago which pretty much just dug the final nail in the coffin for me. Here's a bit of it. Fair enough then. Other members of the band have remarked in interviews that you don't like playing songs from albums like "The Jester Race" live because you feel that when you do, very few people in the audience react to them. Is that still a deterrent for you to play those songs?
Peter Iwers: Yeah, totally. I mean, we love playing songs from each record but the more records we make the more we need to focus on later material because there's only so much time when you have a show.

What. The. Fuck. Maybe I'm just a bitter old fan, but Slayer has released 9 studio albums to date. Last time I saw them they only played four, FOUR new songs from their latest album. And granted Slayer fans are pretty rabid, but so are In Flames fans. I've never met a person who just 'liked' In Flames, they are usually pretty obsessed with them. I understand you only have certain time to play a show but when I saw them two years ago they played half of their new album, and a total of 4 songs from their first 4 albums. And yes, they were headlining.

Anyways, so my original point: Gothenberg is dead to me. Until Dark Tranquillity release another album I can careless what major release comes out of that city.

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